Course Overview


This course is designed to equip people who would like to engage their careers in social services or education with a focus in supporting children with special educational needs (SEN), specifically suffered from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The core learning areas are distinct categories of study that prepare professional practitioners to facilitate SEN/ASD children’s growth and development.

本課程旨在裝備有志投身社福或教育界支援有特殊教育需求(SEN)兒童,尤其是患有自閉症譜系障礙(ASD)孩子的人士。核心學習領域包含多類別的學科,讓學員成為專業從業員,能有效促進SEN / ASD兒童的成長和發展。

Course Features


We deliver a complete end-to-end training that will qualify you to serve SEN/ASD children. Our course is a Level 4 programme endorsed by TQUK and is recognized nationally and internationally. The course is delivered through face-to-face lectures supported by online training. Our course materials are prepared by qualified experts in the field. The materials are comprehensive containing all the knowledge that you need to complete your assignments.

我們提供完整堅實的培訓,幫助您獲取為SEN / ASD兒童提供服務專業知識和技能 。這課程已獲英國培訓資歷TQUK第4級認可,在本地和國際上都得到廣泛認受。課程以面授模式進行,輔以網上支援。所有學科材料,均由業界領域內具合資格的專家預備,務求全面覆蓋課程所需的知識範疇。

Course Contents


There are 5 areas of learning (i.e. collections of knowledge and skills), which are organized in 5 teaching units (4 lecturing units plus a field study), each comprised of 15 teaching hours.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of SEN and ASD (SSU4101)
Aims of Learning
To provide learners with an overall understanding regarding SEN and ASD so that they could address problems that they may encounter
Unit Syllabus
Introduction to SEN/ASD; perspectives on SEN/ASD (e.g. medical, psychological and socio-economical points of view); assessment/screening services for SEN/ASD (from private and public sectors); interventions and treatments for ASD; field observation; and report writing.

Unit 2: Professional practitioners serving SEN/ASD children and their families(SSU4102)
Aims of Learning
To provide knowledge and skills that enables learners to work with families with ASD/SEN children and to address complex and non-routine problems
Unit Syllabus
Self-development for SEN/ASD professional practitioners;basic theory of family system theory, family resilience theory; concepts of active listening; and communicating ASD/SEN kids and their parents/caregivers effectively

Unit 3: Sensory Integration (SI) therapy and activities for ASD/SEN children(SSU4103)
Aims of Learning
To provide learners with an overall understanding the basic theory of primary senses, sensory integration & sensory processing disorder, an overview of challenging behaviours and behavioural handling techniques.
Unit Syllabus
Introduction to SI; SI activities for home environment, in the community (e.g. park facilities) and at designated training centres; and handling aggressive behaviours of SEN/ASD in children

Unit 4: Pre-school training for SEN/ASD children(SSU4104)
Aims of Learning
To provide learners with an overall understanding regarding learning disability in terms of cognitive, social, attention and communication of ASD/SEN children and the ways for tackling them.
Unit Syllabus
Cognitive Development (general understanding; desktop training and numeracy skills training); and Speech Therapy (general understanding; facilitation of communications at non-verbal stage and pre-school stage)

Unit 5: Field Observation and Learning(SSU4105)
Aims of Learning
To provide learners with an overall understanding, through on-site observations and follow-up report writing, to grasp the knowledge regarding the sensory integration system, desktop training and speech therapy
Unit Syllabus
Field experience in the areas of SI therapy; pre-school development activities; workshop for parents/caregivers of SEN/ASD kids; counselling/consultation cases; student study projects and report-writing techniques.


單元1: SEN和ASD的基礎知識(SSU4101)
SEN / ASD導論;從不同角度(如醫學、心理、社會和經濟等)了解SEN/ ASD問題; SEN / ASD的評估/診斷服務(公營和私家);SEN / ASD的介入和治療;實習項目的須知(包括撰寫報告的要則)。
第2單元:服務SEN / ASD兒童及其家庭的專業從業員(SSU4102)
為學員提供所需知識和技能,裝備他們為ASD / SEN患者和家庭提供服務,裨能解決複雜和非常規問題。
SEN / ASD專業從業者的自我發展;家庭系統理論基礎理論,家庭復原力的理論;積極傾聽概念;與ASD / SEN孩子及父母/照顧者們有效溝通。

第3單元: 為ASD / SEN兒童提供的感覺統合(SI)治療與活動(SSU4103)
SI入門; SI活動簡介;適合在家居環境,社區設施 (如公園)和特別設計治療室進行的SI活動;如何處理SEN / ASD兒童的攻擊性行為。

第4單元:為SEN / ASD兒童提供的學前訓練(SSU4104)
為學員提供ASD / SEN兒童的認知,社交,專注力和溝通等方面失調的基本認識。又為以上的失調,提供應對方法。
各領域的現場體驗,包括:SI治療、學前發展、 SEN / ASD孩子的父母/照顧者的工作坊、個案輔導、學員學習專案和報告編寫技巧。

Course Information


Course Organizer: Academy of The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong in collaboration with Louis Program Training Centre
Medium of Instruction: Chinese - Cantonese and English
Course Duration: 3 months
Date of Commencement:
Mode of Study: Part time (face-to-face lecturing supported by online teaching)
Timetable: Click here

Tuition Fees: HK$9,800; (Enroll in individual unit only: HK$ 2450 per unit) (Scholarship/ Subsidy will be provided for individual students meeting the Academy’s requirements.)

Completion of Studies/Graduation Requirements:
(i) Completion of individual units: Students have met the unit’s requirements will be awarded the Certificates of Completion
(ii) Graduation of diploma course: Students have met the diploma requirements (i.e. completed all four units and field study successfully) will be awarded the Diploma
(iii) TQUK (Level 4) certification: Students who have applied for this qualification on or before the commencement of course (i.e. first lecture of the course), met all the diploma requirements and paid the TQUK certificate fee 

上課地點 : 香港浸信會聯會專業書院(九龍尖沙咀柯士甸道)
學費:HK $ 9800; 個別選修每一單元: HK $ 2450

(i) 完成個別學科:學生若滿足個別單元要求,將獲頒該學科的結業證書。
(ii) 完成整體課程:學生若滿足整體文憑要求(即完成全部4個學科單元及實况學習),將獲頒課程文憑。
(iii) 完成TQUK(第4級):學生若在課程開始時(即第一課堂前)已經申請此資格,完成整體課程,,將獲頒TQUK(第4級)証書(須另付證書費)

Pandemic Arrangements

Since the epidemic situation isstill unstable, as the organizer of this course, westay vigilant and remain cautious. We continue to have the anti-epidemic measures in place strictly, including checking body temperature upon the entry of students and visitors to all teaching premises, maintaining social distance, and wearing of masks at all times. In response to the developments of the epidemic, we may need to adapt the new normal of learning by switching between face-to-face classes or online learning from time to time. We appeal to students for their understanding and co-operation. We shall continue to take into account the latest developments of the epidemic as well as the advice from health experts. We shall keep alert in observing the government’s latest measures, in particular instructions from the Education Bureau. Early announcementswill be made to allow students for preparation in advance.



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